WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

300ml Bundle by Gods of Egypt eJuice

$ 62.99

300ml Bundle by Gods of Egypt eJuice Description:

Gods of Egypt eJuice 300ml Bundle

Includes Three Flavors:

  • RAA - RAA, The Sun God loves his cucumber Mojitos. So for this flavor we made something that would reflect how RAA lives his life.

  • Osiris - The God of the Underworld is a man that likes his Orange Tic-Tac's and that's why we decided to make him a flavor of Orange Tic-Tac of course.

  • Baset - Baset, The Original Cat-Woman and A God of Egypt. This flavor of her's has more of a fruity taste to it from the sweet Strawberries and nice juicy watermelon. To top it off it has a fresh and minty after taste to it caused by the Spearmint.

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