WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Reach hundreds of thousands of customers

Become a drop ship partner, and sell your products on our network of Retail and Wholesale websites.

How drop shipping works

Step 1: Customer orders your product(s) on our website

Step 2: We send you the Purchase Order through **Duoplane

Step 3: You ship products to the customer, and input tracking info in Duoplane

**You will use Duoplane to manage orders, input tracking numbers and shipping costs. We will send you orders that our customers placed for your products on Duoplane. Learn more about Duoplane and how it works at the bottom of this page.

How is the Wholesale Price determined?

You set all list prices on our site inside your application.
As well as Minimum Order Quantities and Sample Pack availability and pricing.

How is the MSRP determined?

You (the manufacturer) set all list prices on our platforms.

Website statistics

VapeRanger.com (Monthly - Updated September 2018)

  • Avg Unique Page Views: 301,211
  • Monthly Page Views: 507,524
  • Avg Monthly Users: 54,872

eJuiceDB.com (Monthly - Updated July 2018)

  • Avg Unique Page Views: 87,702
  • Monthly Page Views: 174,071
  • Avg Monthly Users: 22,589

East Coast Vape Distribution (Monthly - Updated November 2018)

  • Avg Unique Page Views: 74,775
  • Monthly Page Views: 104,178
  • Avg Monthly Users: 17,116

Get started with Duoplane

What is Duoplane and how does it work?

Duoplane is a web application that allows you to manage all incoming orders from our website. It's a backend that lets you download a Purchase Order (for your records) and a packing slip to put in each shipment you make to our customers. The packing slip is essential and provides the customer with all the information they need to stock their order.

How do I use Duoplane to ship out orders?

- View the quick guide here

You must be able to: Requirements*

  • Ship all products via USPS Priority
  • Ship all products within 1-2 business days (unless backordered)

Fill out the New Vendor Form below.

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